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New Adult Class for August

journey“The Journey From Unbelief to Faith”

Adult VBS for August will be hosted by Rae and Tim Fangmeier in Luther Hall (church basement) and is titled “The Journey From Unbelief to Faith”. We will join a video series moderated by Rev. Dr. John Nunes the former President of Lutheran World Relief and now President of Concordia College in Bronxville NY that examines the journey to faith of four unique individuals. We will have a chance to discuss how God is working in our diverse world to help people find faith in Jesus Christ. We will witness how God is able to touch people regardless of a troubled past, entrenched beliefs, willful antagonisms, or preconceived notions. Our video guests are real people telling of the journey from the outer edge of unbelief and apathy to Christ – centered faith. You will enjoy the journey and we can promise a lively discussion for each session.

Please make a commitment to come each week. Since the segments are each self contained you will gain something each week you are able to be present. We will try to make it a meaningful time. Coming will be a good way to encourage the youth at Ascension. We can promise that you will gain something from each session that will help you understand your friends and relatives who are struggling with faith. You will gain helpful insights about how to influence them for Jesus Christ.

The “Journey from Unbelief to Faith” class will be held in Luther Hall on Sundays in August (7, 14, 21, & 28) during the 11:30 AM–12:30 PM hour, as part of our August VBS program, and is open to middle & high school students as well as adults. Please visit the VBS page for more information about opportunities for children in the month of August. Click here for a map of our campus. Luther Hall (church basement) is accessible via an elevator through the exterior “Luther Hall” entranceway.