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Thinking Like Luther

With Reformation fast approaching have you ever found yourself trying to think like Luther? Have you ever asked what Martin Luther’s central thought was–his big impetus?

Sometimes when you want to think like Luther, you may believe it involves finding an enemy, getting persecuted, and saying heroically, “Here I stand!”

Or you may think it means championing the German mindset and culture.

Or you may think it means becoming Luther-like as you devour all his writings and memorize Luther quotes.

But wouldn’t Luther direct you to that which became the primary mover in His journey? The Bible. The Word of God. The message of justification by grace through faith as revealed in the Living Word.

Luther always asked, “Where does God’s Word bring us?” Luther recognized that the Scriptures moved us on a Kingdom journey. There was no stagnancy, no complacency, no stoppage of the Gospel message.

What if we thought that way? What if we asked, “Where is the living Word of God taking us–taking me–taking the church?” “What is next for the Gospel movement in my generation–in my community–in my life?”

God used Martin Luther in amazing ways. There’s a lot to his life and ministry. But what if we understood “Here I stand” as “I won’t cause the Gospel to be hidden or stalled”?