Ascension Lutheran Church Worship
Summer Worship Hours
(June 10th – August 19, 2018):
Sunday School 8:30-9:30am
Worship 10:00am

Worship Overview

Sunday Worship

Summer Worship Hours (June 10th – August 19, 2018):
Sunday School will be 8:30-9:30am
Worship will be at 10:00am.

At Ascension Lutheran Church, we gather every Sunday for worship: a time of prayer, song, and Word. Worship services typically last about 60-75 minutes. For the most up-to-date schedule of worship services, please see the church calendar.

Here’s a bit of detailed information about how we do worship at Ascension Lutheran Church:

  • Worship services at Ascension Lutheran Church are liturgical.
    • The word liturgy, from the Greek leitourgia, literally translates to “the work of the people,” and thus a worship service is indeed a service that is performed by each person in the worshipping assembly–we don’t just get to sit back and listen, as though worship were a concert or performance.
    • As in other liturgical church services, the order of things that we do during the service seldom fluctuates week-to-week. These specific elements are called the Ordinary, and they include specific prayers, and parts of the liturgy such as the Kyrie Eleison (“Lord, have mercy”), the Lord’s Prayer, and the benediction.
    • Propers, or the elements of the service that change depending on the season or time in the Church year, distinguish worship services one from another, preventing us from indulging or neglecting elements of our Christian tradition. Propers include specific hymns and songs, readings from the Bible, visible artwork and thematic colors on display, and prayers and petitions.
  • Worship at Ascension Lutheran Church is a fresh approach to the traditional style; that is, high-quality worship in a style that would most-commonly be referred to as “traditional.” Once a month, the Trinity Musicians ensemble leads worship with various instruments in a style that most closely resembles folk music.
  • The combination of liturgical order and traditional style means that worshippers are frequently invited to participate in the service by singing, speaking, and changing their physical posture (standing, sitting, and kneeling).

SanctuaryWe desire nothing more than for all people to participate in worship, and so we make our worship intentionally accessible to children of God of all ages. For youngsters, we regularly offer a children’s message, and for their parents, we provide activity bags and coloring sheets to help children both stay engaged in worship and avoid restlessness. For God’s children who are older in years, we have available large-print worship folders and assistive listening devices. When you arrive for worship, simply consult with an usher or greeter and we’ll get you what you need–we want your time with us to be fulfilling!

By the way, if you’re new to Ascension, please click here for answers to questions you may have about your first visit to Ascension.


Holy Communion

Our greatest desire is to share in the blessing of the Lord’s Supper with you!

  • Do you come to the Lord’s Table for assurance of forgiveness, healing from doubt and shame, and to receive God’s gift of a holy life and reconciliation through Jesus?
  • Have you been baptized and confirmed (or otherwise made public confession of your Christian Faith)?
  • Do you believe Jesus’ words, that the bread and the wine are, in fact, His own body and blood, given and shed for you?

If your answer is “Yes” to each of these questions, then joyfully receive the Lord’s gift in His Sacrament. If you are not yet ready to receive Holy Communion, please come forward when directed to receive a blessing. Kneel at the altar and cross your arms over your chest as a sign to the server. The pastor’s class regularly provides instruction for Holy Communion between services (9:45am) downstairs in Luther Hall. Please feel free to approach our pastors at any time for clarification and direction.

Holy Communion is served at Ascension Lutheran Church every week excluding the second Sunday of the month.


Praise & Prayer Worship Service12552923_10207973298157759_6700698467228659_n

Our weekly Praise & Prayer services are held every Tuesday, immediately prior to the serving of lunch in the Soup Kitchen. All persons are invited to come as they are, from where they are, for a brief 10-15 minute time of worship. During the Praise & Prayer service, we hear God’s Word, we join in singing spirituals and songs, and pray together familiar texts as well as prayers for our community. The Praise & Prayer service meets in Luther Hall at 11:00 AM every Tuesday.



Nursery Care

Children are always invited to participate in worship at Ascension; we always encourage parents to bring their children to worship. If your child becomes restless during Sunday worship, please know that you are more than welcome to take them into the narthex or our nursery (ages 3 and younger), where you will still be able to see and hear the worship service. Our nursery is staffed during all Sunday morning activities by an attendant, and you are most welcome to remain with your child in the nursery if you wish.